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Top Jewelry Picks for This Mother’s Day

April 20th, 2024

a lady blowing a kiss while wearing fashion rings

This Mother's Day, celebrate the unparalleled bond with a gift that reflects her unmatched grace and strength. Our selection includes pieces that cater to the diverse styles of every mother, from the timeless elegance of a Fana diamond fashion necklace to the serene beauty of Gabriel & Co. Hampton Earrings. Each piece, whether it be the sophisticated Mikimoto core bracelet, the modern simplicity of an Alor Classique fashion ring, or the captivating charm of a Pomellato pendant necklace, is curated to match her unique taste. Discover the perfect expression of your appreciation for her this Mother's Day with our hand picked selections here at Lenox Jewelers.

Fana diamond necklace

Fana Diamond Fashion Necklace

A testament to meticulous craftsmanship and timeless beauty, this Fana diamond fashion necklace is forged from fine 14k rose gold. It seamlessly blends elegance with refinement, making it a splendid choice for mothers who admire classic pieces of fine jewelry. Adorned with enchantingly cut round diamonds, it creates a symphony of sparkle that enhances its allure, embodying both the resilience and the gentle grace of maternal love in its design. Lenox is proud to offer this extraordinary necklace alongside a collection of other exquisite pieces to gift on Mother’s Day. 

Gabriel & Co. Hampton earrings

Gabriel & Co. Hampton Earrings

Embrace the spellbinding beauty of these Gabriel & Co. Hampton earrings, a piece that merges durability with grace. Crafted from 14k white gold and centered with a mesmerizing blue topaz, these earrings are perfect for the mother who appreciates a touch of color. The oval cut topaz reflects light, radiating beauty and serenity, making these earrings a cherished addition to her collection and a constant reminder of the calm and love she brings to your life.

Mikimoto pearl bracelet

Mikimoto Core Bracelet

The epitome of refinement, this Mikimoto bracelet is ideal for mothers who relish opulent accessories. This bracelet, crafted from 18k white gold and dotted with lustrous pearls, represents luxury and durability. It is a piece that not only compliments her elegance but also is certain to become a treasured heirloom, symbolizing the timeless and enduring nature of a mother's love. This is an accessory that can easily be dressed up or down, worn stacked with a variety of other pieces or worn on its own for a more minimalist effect.

Alor Classique fashion ring

Alor Classique Fashion Ring

For the mother who finds beauty in simplicity, this Alor Classique fashion ring is an impeccable choice. This piece combines white gold and diamonds with a black stainless steel cable, creating a sophisticated, modern look. It’s a testament to the idea that sometimes, simplicity truly is best, reflecting the effortless grace and strength that defines her. A piece like this is one that she can wear on a myriad of occasions, ever reminded of your affections. 

Pomellato Pendant Necklace

Pomellato Pendant Necklace

Simple and stunning, this Pomellato pendant necklace, with its glittering topaz set against a backdrop of white and rose gold, is a shining choice for Mother’s Day. Ideal for the mother who decorates her life with moments of beauty and joy, this necklace's vibrant hue and elegant design encapsulate the warmth and nurturing spirit she personifies, making it a gift as unique and precious as her love.

a heart-shaped diamond pendant hanging on a stack of rocks

Explore the Top Picks for Moms at Lenox Jewelers

This Mother’s Day, let Lenox Jewelers in Fairfield, Connecticut, be your destination for finding a gift as extraordinary as she is. From exquisite diamond necklaces to elegant earrings, bracelets, and fashion rings, our selection includes spectacular pieces from world renowned designers. Visit us to view all fine jewelry, learn about our custom design services, or contact us directly. Let us assist you in choosing a piece that uniquely captures the essence of her beauty and grace at Lenox Jewelers.