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Double chain necklace with pendant

Necklaces are attractive, sophisticated, and brilliant accessories beloved by everyone. They are the perfect centerpiece for an outfit, providing sparkle and polish. Goldsmiths and designer brands create a wide variety of necklaces sporting a wide array of styles. There are spectacular pendants, statement-making stations, understated chains, and much more. They can be worn alone for a touch of elegance or with other pieces for an expressive and chic layered stack. We have a large selection of necklaces available at our Fairfield showroom. Find your favorite by browsing our shop online.

Large pendant necklace

For a unique selection of necklaces, consider Simon G. This creative and talented California-based brand crafts a plethora of distinctive collections. Trellis collection necklaces have enchanting floral motifs and designs outlined by spectacular gold and dazzling gemstones. These intricate pieces are well-suited for maximalists, nature enthusiasts, and gardeners. SG necklaces are varied but vibrant, featuring a plethora of colorful gemstones and exceptional details. The Fana brand specializes in colorful gemstones and bold patterns. Their Color Fashion necklaces feature rubies and emeralds to create mesmerizing and glamorous displays. They are well-suited for those who seek to make a vibrant statement.

Chain necklace at lenox jewelers

Love the classic look? There’s nothing more timeless than the elegant sheen of a pearl necklace. Their Everyday Essentials necklaces are bright and brilliant, ensuring the wearer is always highlighted by a dash of radiance. The Core collection features a myriad of pieces. They include pendants and stations and even showcase black pearls. Italian designer Pomellato offers a sublime selection of superb gold necklaces. Their jewelry has eccentric silhouettes and creative design.

Girl with three necklaces

At Lenox Jewelers, you will encounter only the finest, most luxurious necklaces. From spectacular necklaces to understated chains, there’s something for everyone at our Fairfield jewelry store. Founded in 1936, we have been Connecticut’s premier jeweler and remained family-owned and operated since our opening. Our family tradition is excellence in accessories and services. We recommend that you request an appointment for an extensive guide through all the marvelous jewelry available in our showroom. Call (203) 374-6157 and email to learn more about everything we can do for you.