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Halo Rings

Characteristics of Halo Rings

There are many types of settings for engagement rings available, but none are more radiant than the halo. In a halo setting, the center stone – usually a diamond – is encircled by a row of smaller diamonds. This lends a peerless level of brilliance as well as makes the center stone appear larger. Some modern designers have developed the hidden halo, wherein the halo sits below the center stone. This gives the ring more focus on the center stone while brightening up the side profile. Suffice to say, we live in an exciting time for those in search of beautiful engagement rings.

Popular Collections of Halo Rings

TACORI is one of the industry’s most well-known jewelry designers. Hailing from Southern California, they take inspiration from the land and nature of their home state. When it comes to engagement rings, they are best known for their intricate metalwork. This is first shown by their Classic Crescent collection. Featuring the iconic crescent carving around the band, these maximalist pieces are bold and spectacular. When elevated by a halo, these rings reach their highest potential for luxury. Petite Crescent takes a more understated and refined approach with their signature crescent with thinner bands for a delicate effect.

Designer Simon G. is a modern classic, who creates some of the best-known and most appreciated collections in the world. Underhalo is one of their most unique with an eccentric hidden halo. With their distinctive silhouette and intriguing side profile, these engagement rings are excellent for lovers of the unusual and unorthodox. The Twist collection showcases intertwining threads of 18k white and yellow gold. These dazzling and eye-catching designs are symbolic of how two peoples’ lives revolve around each other.

Why Shop Halo Rings at Lenox Jewelers?

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