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Characteristics of Pear Shape Rings

Pear shape rings are eccentric, elegant, and delightful. Also known as “teardrop” rings, these jewels have a pointed tip and a curved, wide bottom. These are less common than many other shapes, instantly giving them a unique aesthetic. Their shape makes smaller diamonds appear larger, as they create visual movement. For more sizable stones, this cut gives them an unusually sophisticated look with their slender figure. Innovative jewelry designers have been crafting pieces with this unique shape since the 15th century. With a diverse range of styles available, there’s a pear shape ring for everyone.

Popular Collections of Pear Shape Rings

Tacori is one of today’s most talented designers. With a signature style drawing inspiration from the verdant landscape of Southern California, every one of their pieces is distinctly Tacori. Dantela is one of their most prized collections, featuring lacy and delicate metalwork details. Their thin but decadent bands are brilliant but confined. Designer Sylvie creates rings with sleek feminine silhouettes, taking pride in their women-first approach to jewelry. Their Halo collection showcases pieces with glittering halo settings. In this collection, brilliant layers of diamonds surround the center stone. This lends them a peerless level of radiance and bright beauty.

Fana is a jeweler specializing in spectacular rings with bold, daring energy. Their Three Stone collection is truly a celebration of diamonds. Full of light and luxury, this collection uses pear shape stones in the setting as well as the center stone. Set on their side, this cut has a marvelously sleek aesthetic. Legendary designer Simon G. creates many magnificent collections. Nature-inspired and modern sensibilities combine for an outside-the-box effect.

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