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Solitaire Rings

Characteristics of Solitaire Rings

There is certainly a reason solitaire engagement rings are the most popular choice for brides across the nation. Solitaire engagement rings feature a prominent gemstone (typically diamond) placed in the center of each ring. Traditionally, these rings did not feature a lot of detail in order to keep the center stone the star of the show, but modern designers are pushing the boundaries by crafting rings that include hidden or subtle intricate detailing, adding an extra touch of elegance. Many people also enjoy these rings because the majority of the budget goes towards the stone, which is typically the most desirable part of the ring.

Popular Solitaire Ring Collections

TACORI’s Coastal Crescent collection features stunning solitaire rings that highlight the center stone. Although the diamond is the showstopper of each piece, TACORI’s designs also include subtle detailing with small diamonds and engraving under the bridge of the ring. The Simply TACORI selection is great for the modern woman. These fabulous rings exude a chic sophistication with a minimalistic design and a dazzling center stone. Gabriel & Co. solitaire rings feature clean lines and classic looks for those who love timeless pieces. Their Vintage styles are sure to stun with vintage features like milgrain edges and intricate metal detailing, pieces made to pass down the family line.

Sylvie’s Solitaire collection, made by a woman for women, presents sophisticated hand-crafted engagement rings with ethically sourced diamonds. Simon G. also offers a fabulous variety of vintage-style solitaire rings in their Vintage Explorer collection. These elegant rings are a nod to the past with floral filigree detailing, delicate metalwork, and luxurious diamonds. Their Underhalo collection features the halo design in a new and innovative way, placing the halo of diamonds below the center stone rather than surrounding it. This creates a subtle yet beautiful twinkle below the main diamond.

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