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Introduction: When To Upgrade Your Ring

Love is a journey. Over time, people grow and succeed together. An engagement ring from many years ago may no longer represent one’s priorities, tastes, or relationship. Luckily, upgrading is an option. There are plenty of ways to elevate an engagement ring’s style. Here are but a few of the many ways to upgrade your ring at Lenox Jewelers. 

Upgrade to a Larger Diamond

Most people desire a larger diamond but may not be able to afford it initially. Over time, people tend to become more successful and may find that their dream stone is within reach. This is one of the most popular routes to a more extravagant ring, as well as the most effective. Many jewelers offer a plethora of diamond choices.

Change to a Different Diamond Shape

There are a myriad of cuts and shapes available, each providing its own unique aesthetic. When upgrading your engagement ring, contemplate the cut that best aligns with the aesthetic you wish to achieve. If you decide to get a bigger and better diamond, an emerald cut stone may be an exquisite choice. This cut allows the viewer to better inspect the quality of the stone. If you wanted a more radiant gem but could not afford a brighter stone, then now may be the time to invest in a round cut. While they are the most common shape, they are also the most brilliant.

Add Extra Diamonds

While some may prefer the minimalism of a solitaire setting, others may want to upgrade their piece through the addition of more diamonds. Whether it’s a subtle pavé of brilliant diamonds on the shank or a halo of radiant jewels surrounding the center stone, the addition of more diamonds is always welcome. Of course, they need not just be diamonds, they can also be sapphires, emeralds, or any other colorful gemstone. For an added touch of romance, match the accent stones with your or your partner's birthstone. That way, there is always a little part of them present in this symbol of love.

Use a Different Type of Metal

Over time, it gets boring looking at the same thing. As such, a change in the precious metal can shake it up a bit. Tired of white gold? Take a look at platinum. This prized material is strong, everlasting, and valuable. For a completely different look, consider rose gold. It is regal, feminine, and bold. Combined with the right assortment of gems, it has a peerless level of color and spectacular shine. Of course, yellow gold is always an option. Classic and iconic, it is hard to go wrong with a yellow gold ring. For a more eccentric aesthetic, a combination of precious metals is eye-catching and breathtaking.

Upgrade Your Engagement Ring at Lenox Jewelers

Lenox Jewelers is one of Connecticut's most esteemed jewelers. We stock our Fairfield showroom with only the finest pieces by the best jewelry designers available. At our store, you are guaranteed to find the perfect way to elevate your ring’s style. We also offer plenty of necklaces, earrings, timepieces, and other fashion accessories. In order to best serve our customers and the community, we only work with the most highly trained professionals in the industry. We welcome you to reserve an appointment today with one of our expert staff. Call us now at (203) 374-6157 to learn more about us and our selection.