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Introduction to Diamond Shapes

The diamond is a naturally brilliant and beautiful stone, but it takes a gem cutter to bring out its best qualities. Only through precise cutting and polishing can a diamond be made worthy of your engagement ring. Gem cutters have created a myriad of magnificent cuts, each exhibiting its own unique characteristics. From the radiant round to the captivating cushion, you are sure to find something you love here at Lenox Jewelers.


The round cut is the standard for engagement rings, making up a majority of diamond sales. By far the most popular cut, round diamonds owe their fame to their peerless brilliance. They have 58 precisely cut facets to ensure such a radiant light display. Their technical title is the "brilliant cut" for this reason. Round cut stones are also the most valuable, as demand is high while supplies are limited. Moreover, there is more "waste" during the cutting process.

The modern round cut diamond is the result of centuries of gem-cutting progress. Creating these magnificent gemstones involves a precise blend of art and science, resulting in a sublime diamond. They have quickly established their own legacy, with many other cuts having been recreated to more closely resemble this popular cut.

Round cut diamonds are best suited for those who love a classic and timeless look, as well as those who crave a brilliant light display. It is also an excellent choice for people who prefer a valuable gemstone.


The princess cut diamond is an inversion of the round cut, exhibiting a uniquely square silhouette. It evokes a fantastic regal chic and breathtaking aesthetic. From the side profile, the princess stone resembles an inverted pyramid. Making up around 30% of diamond sales, it is the second most popular diamond cut and is beloved for its distinctive and attractive design. The only downside is that its sharp corners can be vulnerable to chipping and other blemishes.

Princess cut diamonds are a refinement of the French cut. Technically called the "square modified brilliant," it has much of the reflective properties of its namesake. It was deemed the princess cut in the 1960s and is one of the newer diamond shapes.

This cut is well-suited for those who want something unusual and expressive for their engagement ring. Its captivating design will attract the eyes of any viewer.


These stones have a remarkable shape that resembles an elongated princess cut with softly rounded corners. It has a lovely warm and pleasant style and a silhouette akin to a pillow. These stones are distinctively brilliant, as most modern cushion cut diamonds are made to mimic round cut stones. However, 3% of cushion cuts are of a vintage style and, despite being much more rare, known as "standard" as opposed to the more popular "brilliant."

Cushion cut diamonds are the third most popular cut. It is an evolution of the “old mine cut” from 1700s Brazil. A favorite of gem cutters, it minimizes waste and maximizes carat retention during the creation process. It was the most popular cut in the 1800s and remains a fantastic choice.

For a soon-to-be spouse who loves a prominent and glamorous center stone, consider the cushion cut diamond. Its welcoming and sophisticated aesthetic is attractive and marvelous.


The oval cut is elegant, sophisticated, and enchanting. It evokes a vintage beauty through its romantic silhouette. While it is not as brilliant as the round cut, the gemstone's large surface area ensures a spectacular chic. These stones’ shape makes them appear more prominent by drawing the eye to the center.

While oval shaped diamonds have existed for centuries, the contemporary style was first introduced in 1957. The position of facets is carefully arranged to avoid the bowtie effect, which is an unwanted shadow that can appear in the center. In addition, the round shape ensures that it is robust and difficult to blemish.

This shape is perfect for people who want a sophisticated, brilliant, and unique gemstone. It is also suitable for those who love the radiance of a round cut gemstone but desire something more distinctive.


Emerald cut stones offer a myriad of unique characteristics. These marvelous diamonds sport a rectangular shape with angled corners, ensuring an elegant and chic style. The stone's facets are arranged in a way that creates a vibrant and spectacular "hall of mirror" effect resembling a hallway into infinity. This cut shows a full picture of the diamond’s clarity. It is easy to see any flaws or inclusions in the diamond, so it's essential to only use the emerald cut for high-grade stones.

An older cut, this style was introduced in the 16th century. As its name implies, it was initially used for emeralds, the iconic green gemstone. Its bold shape is reminiscent of the art deco era. The fascinating geometry of emerald cut inspired the imagination of artists and architects alike.

Emerald cut diamonds are a great way to showcase a high-quality gemstone. Coupled with its unique play of light and shadow, it makes for an extraordinary center stone. These distinctive qualities ensure their popularity among celebrities, as well as their rarity.


Sometimes called a "teardrop" diamond, pear cut diamonds have a narrow tip and wide, rounded base. They have a wonderfully playful aesthetic evoking elegance and sophistication. Pear diamonds appear larger than they actually are due to their shape, not unlike oval cut gems. Their delightful shape and aesthetic are great for center stone solitaires. Note that pear cuts are not standardized, so there is diversity in regard to size and proportions. Some may be slender while others wider.

This classic cut was first invented in the late 15th century by a Flemish (modern-day Belgium) diamond cutter. It has not changed much since its original creation, as its initial 58 facets grant it a contemporary brilliance despite its age.

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