Characteristics of Luxury Watches

Top-quality timepieces from designer brands exhibit true craftsmanship, with an artful balance of grandeur and functionality. Skillfully created by master horologists in state-of-the-art facilities with remarkably high standards, these watches are a widely-recognized symbol of success that is easily noticeable to those who appreciate the finer details in life. Timepieces are a timeless investment, with reliable movements and valuable materials that will endure for years to come. Let our knowledgeable experts walk you through our collection from some of the most respected brands in the industry, showcasing the latest features, superior artisanship, and admired designs, so together, we can find the watch built for you.

Popular Luxury Watch Collections

Omega boasts a rich heritage of world-renowned innovation in every corner of American culture, as the official timekeeper for the Olympics, a choice timepiece brand for astronauts, and James Bond’s watch. The De Ville collection is a must-have for the most refined tastes, featuring sophisticatedly elegant watches with artistic dial details. The Seamaster collection, on the other hand, redesigns the traditional diver watch with contemporary materials and technology while paying homage to the nautical spirit. Oris is another praised brand, as one of the only Swiss watchmakers that still make mechanical watches. The Artelier collection showcases exclusive calibers and timeless designs for any occasion while the ProPilot collection features vintage accents inspired by aviation watches.

Michele's timepieces are specially designed for the woman who strives to live every day to the fullest, featuring a signature bold yet feminine aesthetic. The Deco collection takes inspiration from the Art Deco era, with architectural silhouettes and classic woven metal watch straps. Michele’s Sporty Sport Sail collection showcases gorgeously modern designs with a chronograph movement and an eye-catching stainless steel case. Additionally, Lagos has recently decided to incorporate their striking jewelry styles into the watchmaking world, creating enduring and sophisticated designs for women. Founded on the principle of jewelry being an intimate and significant artform, the Smart Caviar collection features an elegant band that is encased in stainless steel beads.

Discover Luxury Watches at Lenox Jewelers

As a family-owned and operated jeweler serving the greater Fairfield community for over 80 years, Lenox Jewelers would be proud to be part of your monumental moments, whether you are shopping for a gift for your beloved or indulging in a rare treat for yourself. Our carefully curated selection of the finest designer brands has a piece in store for everyone. Keep your newly purchased treasures in pristine condition for years to come with our offerings of jewelry services. Schedule an appointment at our Fairfield, Connecticut showroom or call (203) 374-6157 to begin your shopping experience with us.