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Which Case Shape is Right for Your Next Watch

May 5th, 2022

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Wristwatches are essentially composed of two parts: the case and the strap. These two elements unite for a uniquely fashionable and functional accessory. The case is where the magic happens, where the time telling is done. For centuries, watchmakers have been innovating cases and making new and exciting designs. The shape of the case is arguably the most profound, having a major impact on the watch’s overall aesthetic. Our experts at Lenox Jewelers have put together a guide to some of the most popular watch case shapes that people love to wear.

omega watch

Round: Ubiquitous, Classic, and Stately

By far the most common and iconic shape, round, or circular, cases are classic and timeless. They resemble clocks, are easy to read, and are more durable than other shapes. In fact, many other shapes still have a circular shaped dial inside to promote legibility. Round cases exude elegance, owing to their marvelous silhouette. They are beloved by minimalists for their no-frills appearance.

This Omega De Ville watch is fascinating and beautiful with a round case separated from its band. While most round cases do not have this eccentric aesthetic, it is an exquisite example of what even the most ubiquitous of shapes is capable of innovating.

michelle watch

Rectangular: Sharp and Stylish

A rectangular case provides a modern and high-fashion look. Whether its edges are sharp or rounded, their unusual combination of intrigue and elegance makes them an exquisite companion for social gatherings. As rectangular cases are unusual, many watchmakers utilize this shape to create absolutely enchanting and distinctive designs.

alor watch

Cushion: Rare and Marvelous.

Resembling something between squares and circles, the cushion has a blocky and contemporary aesthetic. This is a relatively new shape having been invented in the 1940s. It is most commonly found in sports timepieces like diving watches, but not always. This may be due to their straightforward legibility and bold appearance. Note that, on occasion, cushion shapes are mistakenly referred to as “tonneau,” another shape that is not dissimilar to a barrel.

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Square: Fashion-Forward

The square case has a simplistic, but eye-catching design. Exhibiting an unusual yet straightforward silhouette, they make a statement without too many frills. For lovers of modernist design, a square is a great choice.

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Find Your Favorite Watch Case Shape at Lenox Jewelers

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