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Wedding Band Finishes

November 5th, 2022

Wedding Band Finishes

Traditionally, wedding bands are strips of precious metal, meant to be comfortably worn daily to symbolize one’s marital commitment. This is especially true for men’s wedding bands, which tend to be less spectacular than women’s pieces. Many brands use finishes to spruce up these otherwise simplistic pieces. From polished to sandblasted, there are several ways designers elevate these symbols of love and commitment.

Polished Wedding Bands

Polished: Reflective, Classic

Sometimes referred to as a “mirrored” finish, the polished finish is perhaps the most common. This highly reflective finish is stunning and sophisticated as well as wonderfully adept at showcasing the precious metal. The full depth and color of these pieces are immediately apparent. Polished rings are also sure to attract attention. While some may prefer this, others opt for more muted looks.

Satin Wedding Bands

Satin: Understated, Shiny

The satin finish is a compromise between the mirrored polish and the more subdued finish varieties. It is easy to notice the elegant luster of the band’s precious metal. Smooth and brilliant, these stylish bands are excellent for everyday wear. The satin finish is an exceptional choice for those who love the shine of polished pieces but don’t want to make too much of a show about it.

Matte Wedding Bands

Matte: Velvety, Attractive

Matte wedding bands have an understated, diffused sheen that – while still shiny – doesn’t reflect light nearly as much as the polished and satin finishes. Still, it manages to convey the statement bridal jewelry is meant to make: I’m committed to someone. While the finish may seem simplistic, there is a great variety of matte-finished bands available that each offers a unique and attractive look.

Brushed Wedding Bands

Brushed: Textured, Artistic

The brushed finish has about the same luster as a matte, but it features a dynamic and distinctive texture. This finish has a rugged, durable look that is suitable for people with active lifestyles. Scratches won’t show up, while the brush texture creates unique movement. While non-traditional, the brushed finish is attractive and intriguing.

Hammered Wedding Bands

Hammered: Edgy, Industrial

The hammered finish is just what it sounds like: the band looks like it was hit with a hammer several times. Hammered bands have an edgy, industrial aesthetic. Unique and unorthodox, it’s an exceptional choice for anyone who wants something eye-catching and unexpected.

Sandblasted Wedding Bands

Sandblasted: Coarse, Bold

The sandblasted finish has a grainy, rough texture. These rings are just as industrial as those featuring the hammered finish, creating an exquisite and vibrant display. Gold and platinum delightfully contrast with the sublime splendor of this finish. Like the brushed finish, the complexity of the sandblasted texture makes it difficult to see scratches.

Discover Designer Wedding Bands at Lenox Jewelers

Discover Designer Wedding Bands at Lenox Jewelers

Lenox Jewelers has long been Fairfield, Connecticut’s favorite source for luxurious accessories. Our diverse offerings of men’s wedding bands and engagement rings ensure that every marriage is glamorous, stylish, and beautiful. No matter what your dream jewelry is, you’re certain to find the perfect piece by one of today’s top designer brands in our showroom.

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