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Watches with Complications You Need in Your Life

Discover practical complications for your luxury watches that will become reliable tools for your life at Lenox Jewelers in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Luxury timepieces are more intricate machines than just portable time-telling accessories. Watch complications add innovative technological aspects beyond knowing what time it currently is to these unique devices. Several complications can become valuable tools during your daily schedule within extremely well-crafted timepieces readily at your wrist. We are proud to display several well-regarded timepiece designers within our Lenox Jewelers showroom that include a fantastic selection of complications for your lifestyle.


The most popular and easy-to-find complication is the date. This complication displays what day of the month it happens to be using Arabic numbers, Roman Numerals, or other methods formulated by designers.

This Breitling Avenger Agutomatic 45 Seawolf has an impressive and bold style with a yellow dial and stunning sterling silver casing. The date can be read on the face of the watch as it is white to differentiate between the complication and dial. This professional but fun timepiece will keep you up to date at a glance.


Sometimes combined with the date, the day complication also stands by itself in some luxury watches. It can be shown in various ways to abbreviate the name of the day of the week for readability and aesthetic styling according to the watch type.

Whether elegant and minimalist is more to your liking or glamorous and fashion-forward, this complication will be helpful to know the day of the week while incredibly busy. Wear a Michele Deco Diamond watch with a halo of small diamonds around the face and a well-arranged display of all the complications it features.


Those who travel for pleasure or work will appreciate a GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) complication to indicate the in a different time zone than the one you are currently in. The second time zone can be displayed in various ways depending on the watch designer. This Omega Speedmaster watch has a sub-dial within the face of the watch to clearly show what time it is in a different part of the world. This watch will be an excellent accessory for all of your adventures.


A favorite for athletes and racing enthusiasts, the chronograph is like having a stopwatch built into your luxury watch. This significant complication has many variations, an incredibly useful tool for several industries. Chronograph watches with two buttons, like this Alor Elite Sub watch, can stop and restart their stopwatch without immediately erasing and restarting your timer like one-button chronograph models.


Created to help sailors know when the tides would be coming in and going out, moonphase complications are generally beautifully displayed on the face of the watch with elegant details. This tool shows whether a moon is new, waxing, waning, or full. As shown in this Oris Culture Artelier Complication watch, a moonphase complication can be a gorgeous focal point within the for a sophisticated dress watch.

Find Useful Watch Complications at Lenox Jewelers

We encourage you to explore our incredible selection of timepieces and watch complications within our Lenox Jewelers showroom. Our family-owned business has maintained our standards of exceptional customer care and only the best designers since we established our company in Connecticut in 1936.

Allow our professionals to help you find your next luxury watch with the complications you need for your lifestyle. Visit our Fairfield jewelry store to shop in an atmosphere of elegance and comfort while you search for unique accessories for yourself and your loved ones.


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