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It’s All In The Details: Understanding Diamond Settings

September 5th, 2023

A pair of jewelry tweezers selects a diamond from an array of round-cut diamonds.

Whether you are searching for the perfect engagement ring or a diamond-adorned accessory, the way your diamond is set carries a great deal of importance. It determines how well the gem is protected and how much light it is able to reflect. By understanding each type of diamond setting, you can correctly choose the diamond jewelry that best suits your needs. At Lenox Jewelers, we offer jewelry pieces featuring all four of the most popular diamond settings, providing you with an abundance of attractive options. Find your most compatible setting with this guide from our experts at Lenox. 

A closeup of a yellow gold solitaire ring with a prong-set center diamond.


Popular in setting center stones and side stones, the prong setting offers undeniable beauty. With small, claw-shaped pieces that hold the gem securely in place, the diamond can therefore reflect more light, resulting in a splendid, sparkling display. However, this glamorous setting does have some drawbacks. Because prongs are small and peer over the top of the diamond, they can easily be snagged, worn down, or broken. And once one prong is damaged, your diamond is no longer secure. Bearing this in mind, a prong setting may require more maintenance, but it is arguably worth it, as it so stunningly displays your diamond’s true beauty.

A man slips on a pave diamond wedding band on his bride’s finger.


Derived from the French word for “paved,” pave settings are mainly used for securing side stones. In a pave setting, numerous small diamonds are closely set together for a continuous and seamlessly brilliant surface. French pave is a specific style within the pave setting, characterized by individual metal beads or prongs that hold each diamond in place, allowing maximum light exposure and enhancing the diamond's shine. Micropave, on the other hand, takes the pave setting to another level of intricacy by using even smaller diamonds to achieve a delicate and intricate pattern.

A pair of pearl stud earrings with a channel-set diamond halo.


What makes channel settings unique is the way the diamonds are secured within a metal channel, creating a smooth and constant band of shimmering brilliance. In a channel setting, small diamonds are precisely aligned and set side by side, nestled securely within the metal channel by way of notches in the metal, without any visible prongs or beads. This design not only showcases the diamonds' beauty but also provides excellent protection, as the metal walls of the channel hold the diamonds securely in place. The seamless and uninterrupted flow of diamonds in a channel setting accomplishes a modern and classy look.

gloved fingers holding a yellow gold wedding band with bezel set diamonds


The bezel diamond setting is one of the oldest and most classic methods of securing jewels, and it continues to hold its own as a beloved choice in both vintage and contemporary jewelry designs. In a bezel setting, a metal rim surrounds the diamond, securing it with elegance and style. This setting highlights the pervasive beauty of the diamond while also offering excellent protection to the stone. The bezel encases the diamond's edges, for a sturdy and secure hold that minimizes the risk of damage or loss. This makes bezel settings a popular choice for those seeking robust craftsmanship that can withstand the rigors of daily wear, though it does cover more surface area of the gem. 

A group of different-sized diamonds sit on a blue background.

Find Your Perfect Diamond Setting With Lenox Jewelers

At Lenox Jewelers, your trusted local Fairfield jewelry store, we understand the significance of finding the perfect diamond jewelry that suits you. Our exquisite collection showcases an array of stunning diamond jewelry pieces meticulously crafted with exceptional quality and precision. Lenox’s knowledgeable and friendly staff is singularly focused on delivering a customized and exceptional shopping experience, guiding you with ease through the process of selecting the ideal diamond jewelry to reflect your unique taste and capture the very essence of so many cherished moments. Request an appointment today at Lenox Jewelers, your local Connecticut jewelry store.