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Tips To Create the Ideal Ring Stack

March 5th, 2022

woman with fashion ring stack

When curating the ideal stack of fashion rings, it’s essential to incorporate variety. Variety in size, texture, color, and placement of your rings will create a dynamic look that can easily be added to, or pared back, without losing overall cohesion. Read on for our tips on creating a combination of pieces that will garner plenty of attention.

monochrome rings

Sleek Monochrome

For those that are new to ring stacking, the easiest place to start is with a monochromatic metal stack. Choose pieces that are all wrought in the same metal like sterling silver or yellow gold. It is important to remember when using the same metal to choose rings that are vastly different in style to create plenty of interesting contrast.

This Garden ring from Simon G. is made in stunning white gold and features a unique leaf motif with organic lines and plenty of movement. Pair it with a more structured, architectural piece like this white gold stacking ring by Gabriel & Co. that utilizes sapphires and diamonds to create visual balance.

mixed metal rings

Daring Mixed Metals

A mixed metal stack creates an even more interesting contrast. Pick one or two precious metals to base your look on for a truly individualized style. If you can, find a ring that features both metals to pull the whole look together.

detailed rings

Delicate Details

Add variety to your look by pairing more minimalist rings with highly detailed ones. You may even choose some of these details to repeat across multiple rings to create continuity and cohesion. Metalwork details create the texture essential to creating a visually interesting stack.

Vintage-inspired, milgrain metalwork decorates this stunning yellow gold stacking ring and allows for a depth of variety, even just within the singular piece itself. Pair it with a more simplistic piece to achieve that essential contrast.

fashion ring

Bold Centerpieces

Thick, eye-catching pieces are perfect for ring stacking. Choose one or two rings with thick bands and maybe a vibrant center stone or some intricate details to be the focal point of your look. Add some medium-weight and dainty rings for plenty of style diversity.

gemstone ring

Bright Colors

Vibrant pops of color add a bit of whimsy and fun to your ring collection. Gemstone rings are great for imbuing your stack with personality. Choose your favorite color, birthstone, or a hue that matches plenty of the outfits in your wardrobe to emphasize in your ring stack.

You do not have to choose one color, either. Pick a color scheme to develop through your ring choices. This rainbow Pomellato ring is perfect for stacking because you can choose any of the variety of colors featured and stack rings of similar hues.

fashion jewelry

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