The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Perfect Bracelet Stack

February 20th, 2023

A woman with arms crossed wearing a variety of gold bangles and cuffs

Layering bracelets is a groundbreaking trend that is transforming the way we wear our most cherished jewelry. However, dipping your toes into this new fashion trend can be a bit daunting. Luckily, our fashionable experts have compiled a guide to help you find your favorite stacking combinations.

Three bracelets in a line, one a diamond and rose gold bangle, one a textured gold cuff, and one a silver bangle with a purple gemstone

The Basic Bangle

If you are completely new to this trend, bangles are a safe place to start. Bangles, which are rigid bracelets without an opening that simply slip over your wrist, are designed to be stacked with other bangles. Experiment with stacking thin and chunkier bangles. The goal is to create a balanced and visually interesting look that doesn’t feel too cluttered. Two big bangles placed side by side may create an imbalance. Instead, try spacing out multiple chunky bangles using thinner ones. When you are feeling more confident, add cuff bracelets into the mix.

Gold cuff bracelet with two emeralds and one mixed metal bangle with diamonds

Pick a Centerpiece

As you start to grow a more diverse collection of stacking bracelets, selecting a piece to become your focal point is essential. Gemstone bracelets are always a delightful choice, as the pop of rich color naturally draws the eye of any onlookers. You can also showcase your distinct personality using a range of hues. Diamond bracelets are another popular selection for a centerpiece, as they shimmer brightly with every movement of the wrist. Once you have decided on your focal point, select accenting bracelets that complement it without being too distracting.

A gold bangle, a gold watch with a rectangular case, and a silver textured bracelet

Mix it Up

Incorporate different metals to level up your look. If your favorite ensemble includes all silver-toned bracelets, add in a gold bracelet for a touch of warmth. Likewise, if you mainly have gold bracelets in your collection, purchase a sterling silver bracelet to bring in some cooler tones. Timepieces are also popular to add in bracelet stacks, especially those with leather, fabric, or silicone bands. These different materials create a sense of diversity that makes your stack overall more visually appealing.

A gold cuff bracelet with a textured band and two pearls

Add Different Textures

When creating your stack, keep in mind that textures can determine a huge part of the overall aesthetic. When you diversify the textures you use, your stack becomes more captivating. Chain bracelets, studded bracelets, beaded bracelets, and sometimes gems are the best way to achieve this look. For example, this bubbly pearl cuff from Gabriel and Co. is a minimalist piece, yet it adds noticeable texture.

A woman’s arm resting on a wooden fence wearing a number of beaded bracelets and overlooking a city

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