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Thanksgiving Get-Together Jewelry

October 20th, 2022

thanksgiving jewelry

This November 24th, sit down with your favorite people for a feast. Whether it’s a Friendsgiving or a traditional family event, it’s important to take a moment and celebrate our relationships. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to do something special, and what’s more special than jewelry? At Lenox Jewelers, we offer plenty of jewelry suitable for the holidays. Find the ideal piece for you with this guide to Thanksgiving-ready accessories.

red rubies necklace

Autumnal Red Rubies

Make sure to wear ruby jewelry this Thanksgiving. These fiery red gemstones exhibit a vibrant red glow, matching fall’s fantastically warm color scheme. Necklaces are particularly adept at showcasing these jewels. They hang at the center of one’s silhouette, ensuring that it acts as an outfit’s focal point.

Wear this Fana necklace for an exceptional, high-fashion accessory. This ruby and diamond necklace is bright and brilliant, set in 14k white gold to further elevate the magnificent pendant.

gold studs

Yellow Gold Studs

Despite being well-known for napping, Thanksgiving is a busy holiday. Cooking will take much of one’s time and energy. A set of effortlessly fashionable studs, then, will be very welcome. Their small but radiant design ensures they’ll never drag you down. Meanwhile, these earrings are easy to wear and pair.

floral bracelets

Floral Bracelets

Floral patterns are an exquisite way to celebrate fall. This season is a time to take note of the world’s natural beauty. Golden leaves, cool winds, and more are surely worth observing. Designers incorporate nature into many of their pieces, depicting it with precious materials like gold and diamonds.

Discover the extravagance of nature in this Simon G. bracelet. Rose, white, and yellow gold join together to create a vivid paisley tapestry of glamor and luxury. Plenty of colorful diamonds are embedded in the bracelet, lending their light and beauty to the piece.

nature inspired huggies

Fashion-Forward Huggies

While studs are a great option for effortless, versatile earrings, huggies accomplish the same role. These small hoops cling closely to the ear, evoking an edgy and unique aesthetic. For those who want to be different while having an easy-to-pair companion, there’s nothing better than a pair of lovely huggies.

This pair of Simon G. earrings is intricate, complex, and fashionable. Each earring exhibits a marvelous rose gold flower with diamond pistils, surrounded by mesmerizing vines and leaves.

jewelry at thanksgiving

Discover Thanksgiving Jewelry at Lenox Jewelers

Lenox Jewelers is Connecticut’s favorite jewelry store. Our marvelous Fairfield showroom offers these pieces and more, showcasing many of today’s most desired designer brands to ensure every visitor leaves with something unforgettable.

To better examine all of the luxurious accessories we offer, reserve an appointment with our team. One of our friendly professionals will guide you through all of the incredible pieces in our jewelry store. Call us at (203) 374-6157 to learn more about everything we can do for you this Thanksgiving.