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Rubies to Celebrate July Birthdays

June 20th, 2022

ruby pendant

Buying a birthday present for a loved one should make them feel special. For an extra dose of sentimental value, coordinate it with something personal to them, like a birthstone. Birthstone jewelry is a beautiful touch for people who enjoy the symbolism of these stones. July birthdays have the radiant and fiery ruby as their birthstone. Set in any precious metals, these incredible stones from Lenox Jewelers will be a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you love.

What Makes Ruby Jewelry Special as a July Birthstone?

First discovered in India, rubies are considered the “king of precious stones'' as they have long been said to represent wealth and prosperity. Many symbolic meanings have been placed on the fiery facets of this stone, ranging from love, protection from illnesses, and courage. What remains true is that rubies make wonderful accents to pieces of jewelry and will be thoroughly enjoyed by those with birthdays in July.

ruby heart necklace

Ruby Heart Necklace

From their Eternal Love collection, this necklace will be a sentimental gift for anybody with a July birthday. A pendant like this will look excellent by itself or as a layer to your unique assortment of necklaces.

ruby huggies earrings

Ruby Huggie Earrings

Another sparkling way to display July’s birthstone is with gorgeous diamond and ruby huggie earrings, such as these by Fana. The two lines of diamonds that frame each strip of rubies on these close-fitting earrings will be great for any summer event as they do not snag easily and will look lovely with your hair up or down.

Set in white gold, these brilliant stones will frame your face with lovely sparkle. A birthday gift such as this will not be soon forgotten, and you will be thought of when they choose to wear the set.

ruby fashion rings

Ruby Fashion Ring

Fashion rings are a fun way to express your personality and come in a multitude of styles with many different accents. Modern designs such as this mixed metal fashion ring by Simon G. has a swirled design made out of rose and white gold.

It is further emboldened by diamond and ruby details. Delicate milgrain brings vintage-inspired aspects to this contemporary ring. Give this to a person who enjoys intriguing pieces of jewelry and will love this as their July birthday present.

ruby bracelet

Ruby Bracelets

Fabulous for warm-weather clothing, ruby bracelets provide a flash of glamor that can elevate any outfit, from the most casual t-shirt and shorts ensemble to a sleeveless dress. Accessorize with this ruby bracelet by Fana.

Each ruby on this chain is surrounded by a halo of diamonds for a truly stunning effect. This summer, sparkle glamorously while adventuring with your favorite person with a July birthday. They will always cherish a wonderful gift featuring their birthstone.

woman with ruby ring

Find Ruby Jewelry at Lenox Jewelers

Explore the beautiful ruby jewelry in our Lenox Jewelers showroom. Show those in your life with a July birthday that you care about them with a stunning piece of birthstone jewelry that will surprise them with just how thoughtful the gift is.

Over 80 years of experience fuels our dedication to ensuring you are always satisfied with the customer service and items that we have to offer. Visit our Fairfield, Connecticut jewelry store in the Black Rock Turnpike shopping district for an incredible atmosphere to buy your next piece of luxury jewelry.