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Refresh Your Watch Collection with These New Year Trends

December 20th, 2021

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They say that three things are inevitable: death, taxes and new trends. Surely as the world will turn, so too will the tides of fashion ebb and flow. The latest and greatest of yesteryear may soon turn to unfashionable ash. While the best one may do is buy a quality timepiece, such as those provided by Lenox Jewelers, it is never a bad idea to learn what trends await us. Here are four trends that are sure to take the watch world by storm next year.

minimalist watch

Minimalism Goes a Long Way in this New Year Watch Trend

With minimalism, there’s a lot done with a little. By not adding frills like gems, engravings, or other eccentricities, this style of watch allows the timepiece to stand on its own. By nature, these pieces tend not to rely on precious metals and gems, making them more affordable as well.

There is a certain timelessness to minimalist pieces and their chic, sleek aesthetic, and they are catching on. Their increasing popularity has led to their status as a consumer favorite, a fact that more designers are starting to incorporate into their future collections.

In Living Color

As minimalism becomes more popular, so too does its direct alternative. Colorful watches are becoming more and more widespread. This borderline maximalist approach embraces the uses of jewels and colorful metals, allowing for the whole spectrum of color to dazzle the viewer. 

oris watches

It’s Easy Being Green

The threat of climate change looms over us all, even timepiece wearers. As a result, sustainably sourced and eco-friendly watches are becoming popular. Rejected the use of precious metal and gems almost entirely, this new trend involves the use of recycled and upcycled materials, such as hemp, recycled plastics and even pineapple leaves. 3 michele watches

Out With The Old, In With the Older

There is nothing more trendy than the classics. Retro and vintage watches, both antique and inspired, are booming in popularity like never before. Not only do vintage watches often have a timeless and beautiful aesthetic, but they can also be found more affordably than some recently produced timepieces. Alternatively, some watchmakers have been creating vintage-inspired pieces. To use an example, the Michele Deco Madison Mid collection brings back the old style and brings it to the forefront.

Whichever Watch You Love, Get It From Lenox Jewelers

There’s nothing more trendy than the timeless. Lenox Jewelers knows this better than anyone, having had served the Fairfield community for over 80 years. In addition to purveying the finest timepieces and jewelry, we offer in-store repair, restoration and custom design. Our new building resides on 2500 Black Rock Turnpike. Call us at (203) 374-6157 today.