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5 Reasons to Get Married in July

June 20th, 2024

A close-up of a bride and groom standing at the altar, the bride holding a colorful bouquet.

As the sun dances over Long Island Sound, casting a golden glow upon our quaint coastal town, July beckons with its warmth and romance. Summer is often considered peak wedding season, yet July isn’t one of the more popular months to get married. That’s truly a shame, because July weddings have a number of unique benefits that help them stand out among other summer weddings. Nestled in the heart of Fairfield, Connecticut, Lenox Jewelers believes in curating more than just exquisite rings; we craft experiences that transcend time. Join us as we explore why July, with its azure skies and gentle sea breeze, sets the perfect stage for your love story to unfold amidst elegance and sophistication.  

Outdoor Wedding

July's enchanting weather transforms Fairfield into a dreamy canvas for outdoor weddings, where nature's splendor becomes the backdrop for your love story. With its sun-kissed days and balmy evenings, July offers an idyllic setting for exchanging vows amidst lush gardens or overlooking the glistening waters of Long Island Sound. As the sun stretches its golden rays into the evening, you'll revel in the extended daylight, allowing for leisurely celebrations well into the night. In Fairfield, where summer temperatures hover around a blissful 82 degrees Fahrenheit, the risk of inclement weather is minimal, granting you the peace of mind to bask in the warmth of your love without worry.

A photo of a minimalist bride and groom standing next to an old cart as the sun sets.

Summer Schedules

Choosing July as your wedding month not only guarantees picturesque weather, but also ensures that your cherished guests can join in your celebration with greater ease. With its placement in the heart of summer, July beckons with a promise of more open schedules and relaxed obligations. For those with children, or are teachers or professors, July sits squarely in the midst of summer holidays, making attendance a joyful possibility for all. Moreover, the summer season inherently lends itself to vacation time, making it simpler for loved ones to take a break and share in your special day without the constraints of work or school commitments.

Go Against Ancient Superstitions

Choosing to exchange vows in July is not just a beautiful celebration of love, but also a bold departure from outdated superstitions that have lingered for generations. Since the days of the Roman Empire, whispers of July's supposed ill luck have haunted the minds of those planning their big day. However, by embracing July as your wedding month, you defy these antiquated beliefs and pave the way for a future filled with love, happiness, and new traditions. Rather than succumbing to unfounded fears, you rewrite the narrative, turning July into a symbol of fortune and joy, proving that love knows no bounds, not even the constraints of old superstitions.

A groom embracing his bride, holding a bouquet of sunflowers and eucalyptus, from behind.

More Choice of Flowers

In July, the floral landscape flourishes with an abundance of blooms, presenting an exquisite array of options to adorn your wedding with natural elegance. This vibrant month sees a kaleidoscope of flowers in full bloom, ensuring a diverse selection to suit every theme and style. From bold and cheerful sunflowers to the graceful, timeless allure of calla lilies, to eccentric but trendy eucalyptus, July boasts a treasure trove of popular summer blossoms. Whether you envision a romantic garden affair or a chic, modern celebration, the bountiful offerings of July's floral palette ensure that your wedding blooms with beauty and grace.

Beautiful Color Palettes

July's canvas of endless blue skies and verdant landscapes offers a playground for crafting a truly distinctive and diverse color palette, especially for outdoor weddings. While the season beckons with the allure of vibrant, sun-drenched hues, such as golden yellows and lush greens, it also invites exploration into deeper, more dramatic tones. Consider the velvety richness of deep blues reminiscent of the tranquil ocean depths or the sophisticated appeal of rich grays evoking the stately elegance of a summer evening. You may even consider the festive colors associated with holidays like the Fourth of July. Regardless of what you choose, in July the possibilities are as boundless as the summer horizon, allowing you to infuse your celebration with a spectrum of colors as unique and breathtaking as your love story.

A bride and groom kissing during a night wedding, underneath festive sparklers.

Prepare for a Wonderful July Wedding at Lenox Jewelers

While summer is often considered wedding season, there is a lot of untapped potential within a July wedding. At Lenox Jewelers, we want to help you discover more than just a ring, we want to help you create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Explore our selection of stunning engagement rings and wedding bands for the bespoke symbol of your union at our showroom in Fairfield, Connecticut. For a more personalized experience, make an appointment with a member of our knowledgeable staff, and start making memories today.