Jewelry Gifts for Every Price Point

January 20th, 2023

A woman opening a diamond heart necklace from a gold gift box

Fine jewelry can get expensive. With precious metal and radiant gemstones, their cost can add up fast. However, jewelry is a phenomenal gift for many situations. Their high-end and luxurious reputation ensures that every gift recipient will be delighted by one of these exceptional accessories. Luckily, at Lenox Jewelers we offer jewelry at every price point. We do so to guarantee that everyone can experience the glamor of incredible pieces of jewelry.

A sterling silver fashion band by Alor with a double row of prong set onyx stones


There are plenty of elegant and attractive gifts at this price point. While most of these designs will exhibit an understated look, many people actually prefer this aesthetic. Materials used in these pieces usually have sterling silver or stainless steel, both evoking a lovely light-gray shine. Some of these pieces even have gemstones, such as this Alor fashion ring. It sports several dashing black diamonds set in sterling silver.

An amethyst and sterling silver gemstone pendant by TACORI


With a slight increase in budget, there are plenty more options available. Colorful gemstones like amethyst and topaz are excellent for adding a vibrant touch to any ensemble. Larger, more spectacular pieces like pendants and bracelets are on the table. Attention-getting materials like rose and yellow gold aren’t options yet, but nonetheless, there are many pieces under $250. 

London Blue Topaz round cut gems set in yellow gold as stud earrings by TACORI


At this price point, more richly-colored gemstones are accessible. Precious jewels like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds aren’t an option, but jewelers create more vibrant jewelry using a plethora of other jewels.  You can choose from blue topaz, onyx, amethyst, and more.

A medallion chain bracelet with a diamond studded ‘S’ initial


At this price range you can finally purchase diamond jewelry. While they may be small and used simply as accents, they still retain the same glamorous beauty, and enrapturing brilliance. At $750, some pieces will also have creative flourishes and artistry that weren’t there before.  This brand has many other initial pendants for all letters.

Three point of views of bezel set diamonds around a white gold fashion band


With this budget, you have access to most jewelry styles. While there are certainly more pricey pieces, you can give your special person magnificent jewelry they will never forget. Gold, diamonds, and more are available at this range. Impress them with this gorgeous Gabriel & Co. Stackable fashion ring. It exhibits a radiant bright hue utilizing exquisite vintage milgrain metalwork. Diamonds are inlaid in a unique and vibrant silhouette, featuring dashing shapes and a chic, sleek glamor.

A couple exchanging a gift across a dining room table

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