Holiday Jewelry: Gifts to Smile About

November 20th, 2021

The holiday season is a flurry of family, friends, and festive events all within a couple of months. In this timeframe, you still have to make sure that you have gifts for everyone on your list that they will love. Jewelry is a great gift option because it is at once beautiful and meaningful. Choosing the right piece for everyone's individuality can be difficult, luckily this jewelry gift guide has accessories fit for anyone’s personal style, from daring pieces to dainty and minimal styles.

Winter Blossoms

For your bubbly aunt, upbeat friend, or anyone on your list who has a penchant for colorful nature-themed accessories, you cannot go wrong with a floral piece for winter. They’ll bloom with joy with a piece of jewelry that will lighten up their wardrobe and stand out during winter weather.

Bold Statements

Everyone has someone on their gift list that likes to make a statement with their accessories. This winter’s fashion is trending towards bold details in jewelry for those who love a dramatic look and eye-catching designs. Now every time they wear their beautiful jewelry, they’ll think of you!

Nostalgic Treasure

After the past couple of years of turmoil and uncertainty, some people are nostalgic for a time when things felt less complicated. The holiday season has a way of bringing out sentimental feelings for those we love. Jewelry keepsakes you can wear every day are a tender gift that they will keep close to their heart.

Alternative Edge

Picking out jewelry that matches the recipient’s style is important to ensure the gift won’t be left in a drawer or, worse, re-gifted. For the family member or friend with an independent, edgy style, layers of jewelry can help them build their unique look. Just like with your multiple layers of winter clothes, layers of jewelry can upgrade any outfit and they’ll appreciate the time you took to pick the right piece.

Sophisticated Elegance

Pearls and diamonds have a classic elegance that has recently experienced a modern revival. For your polished and exquisitely dressed friend or family member, these quintessential jewels could be just the right addition to their fabulous style.

Accessible Luxury Jewelry Made Possible by Lenox Jewelers

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