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Gemstone Jewelry: Find Your Favorite Gem

December 5th, 2022

A number of ornate, gemstone rings of all different colors clustered together

Gemstone jewelry is an excellent accessory for adding color and fire to an outfit. Sapphires, emeralds, rubies, opals, topaz, turquoise, and more allow for all sorts of shades to be incorporated into your jewelry styles. Coupled with the creativity of jewelry designers, there is a boundless variety of gorgeous pieces well-suited to elevate any outfit. Here are a few of our favorite pieces of gemstone jewelry at Lenox Jewelers that could become yours.

A silver pendant fitted with an amethyst gemstone against a white background

Amethyst: Vivid Violet

The amethyst is a gorgeous violet gemstone. It is about as hard as quartz and is dazzlingly fashionable. The stone looks fantastic when set with sterling silver, as the bright metal accentuates the cool tones of this spectacular gem. While its deep and luxurious aesthetic portrays a regal flair, amethyst is relatively common and affordable. The name is derived from the Greek words for “never” and “intoxicated,” as the Ancient Greeks believed amethyst would prevent inebriation from alcohol.

Sapphire: Bountiful Blue

Sapphires are unique, even among gemstones. Most of these jewels feature a deep and thrilling blue shade, but they can also occur in pink and orange. A select few sapphires have “asterism” that produces a distinctive white star effect. In addition to their rich color, they have a few properties that make them highly desirable. They are the third hardest gemstone after diamonds and moissanite.

An exceptional example of this gemstone, consider these Simon G. sapphire earrings. Their sophisticated white gold contrasts beautifully with the sapphire’s blue glamor. A diamond halo further accentuates the gem, evoking a peerlessly timeless sophistication.

A silver line bracelet set with rubies against a white background

Ruby: Regal Red

Rubies have a distinctive, unmistakable red hue. They are available in any shade from crimson to a pinkish red, each of which is marvelous and enticing. This precious gem is highly valuable and has historically been used in crowns, royal jewelry, and for other prestigious purposes.

This Fana ruby bracelet is vibrant and attractive, exhibiting a bold array of extravagant gems. Diamond halos embolden their magnificent color, as does white gold. The bracelet’s slender silhouette makes it easy to pair with any outfit. For an everyday accessory with an extra fire, this is a remarkable choice.

A silver and gold fashion ring featuring a large black onyx gemstone

Onyx: Sleek Style

While onyx comes in many colors, black is the most iconic. The bold, dark color is sublime and intriguing. Onyx jewelry is elegant and attractive, perfectly suited for formal occasions and casual excursions alike. Historically, the stone has been used in carvings, architecture, and ceramics.

Find the Best Gemstone Jewelry at Lenox Jewelers

For luxurious style in Connecticut, head to Lenox Jewelers. Our Fairfield jewelry store has been offering the finest jewelry to our customers for decades. Our carefully curated selection of fine designer jewelry ensures that every visitor finds only the highest quality accessories. To see all our offerings best, we recommend that you reserve an appointment with our staff. Our incredible team will work with you to find something that suits you perfectly. Call (203) 374-6157 to learn more.