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Find the Best Time to Propose

December 5th, 2021

The story of a marriage proposal will be told again and again. At every holiday, every family function, and especially every wedding, people will ask about how the question was popped over and over. So, it’s crucial to at least do a little bit of planning beforehand. The most pressing of steps are to figure out when to propose. It not only helps put the setting in the proposer’s mind, but it also is the first step in making a dream into reality. Our experts at Lenox Jewelers have put together some tips to make your proposal memorable.

Holidays Have Their Ways

Marriage proposals are often made on holidays with one study showing almost 30% of proposals occurring on such days. Holiday proposals are common for plenty of reasons. One reason is because there is a good chance that everyone is off work, which allows a day or two to be spent reveling in the joy of engagement with each other.

Holidays are also chocked full of emotions. They say Christmas is the time to tell people how you feel, so, this year, why not go for it. They are easy to remember. When recounting a marriage proposal tale, it is easier to say, “He asked on Christmas” than, “He asked on September 15th.”

Anniversary of Your Proposal

People in a relationship often pick a day to stop and celebrate their relationship together with a fancy dinner or a day spent alone in bed. These days are especially romantic and are thus especially good for proposals. On these days, it could be beneficial to propose somewhere special, like the first place the couple met, saw each other, or had an amazing date.

On the other hand, it may be interesting to consider proposing on a completely unrelated date. That way they can celebrate all kinds of anniversaries. Anniversaries are fun, so why not have more?

Get Their Engagement

While the proposer may have preferences of their own, it is a good idea to keep the person they are proposing to in mind. Think about the things that they like, the times they value, and the places they long to be in. This will help woo them, and, while hopefully the proposer knows the answer before they ask, make the proposal all the more inviting.

Season It

Most proposals occur in winter and summer, even though these seasons are not hosting as many weddings. Take the season in mind while planning the proposal. On a warm spring day, a romantic picnic would be a mighty fine decision. During the winter, consider somewhere indoors, ideally by a fire.

No Matter the Season, Propose with Lenox Jewelers

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