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Fashion Jewelry Trends of Summer 2022

May 20th, 2022

summer jewelry in 2022

Summertime is perfect for getting outside and enjoying your surroundings after the long winter. The rebirth of spring is nice, but the summer is where the real adventures begin. Accessorize with exceptional fashion jewelry from the year's hottest trends for your summer treks to Jennings or Penfield Beach. Our experts at Lenox Jewelers have put together a few of our favorite jewelry styles to wear this summer. Look fabulous while having an excellent time in our beautiful Fairfield area.

chain necklace at lenox jewelers

Chains for Summer Days

Momentum keeps growing with oversized chains, popping up in bracelets, rings, earrings, shoes, purses, and necklaces. Links sizes this season have been elongated or bold and dramatic. Body chains were also seen on multiple runways for summer fashion.

Fashion Bangles and Cuffs

Warmer weather means t-shirts, tank tops, and sundress weather. Free from the layers of winter, wear a lovely array of bracelets to bring out your summer personality.

Bold bangles and cuffs worn around the bicep were included in multiple brands’ summer lines this year. Thick metal bands and natural materials highlight this trend, as well as bright silvers, like in this white and rose gold bangle that is covered in diamonds.

drop earrings from lenox jewelers

Drops of Gems

Not only are the hot months of summer perfect for bathing suits, strapless dresses, and fun in the sun, but extravagant earrings have also hit their peak season. Extra-large and chic hoops remain favorites for a subtle way to be bold, but designers are laying on the gemstones strong for 2022.

Expect jewelry with bling and shine this summer. Vivid enamels and resins are big right now as well as bright gemstones. These turquoise and quartz drops sparkle as they hang above your shoulders. Bold colors will help express your personality in a loud way this summer with fun earrings and accessories.

gemstone jewelry

Summer Colors

Summer projects a high-energy atmosphere that bold colors complement with fun designs and fashionable styles. The 90s and Y2K fashion strongly influence this summer’s trends with color choices, plastic and resin details, and chunky chains. Show off how eclectic you are in 2022 by mixing your favorite looks for your unique aesthetic.

Pair this ring with some gold hoop earrings and a choker or collar necklace to complete your throwback style.

woman with flowers and fashion jewelry

Buy the Latest Fashion Jewelry for 2022 at Lenox Jewelers

We house the most fantastic fashion jewelry in our Lenox Jewelers showroom in Fairfield, Connecticut. Our family-owned and operated jewelry store has been providing the best in customer service and luxury jewelry since 1936. With an incredible selection of designer jewelry, we are sure there is an item that will be perfect for your aesthetic. Visit our showroom for an exceptional experience every time, and you can also request an appointment for a personalized meeting with one of our professionals.