Fall Wedding Looks with the Perfect Ring to Match

September 20th, 2022

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Fall is one of the most popular times for a wedding. With the leaves changing color and cool refreshing weather, there are plenty of reasons why autumn is the perfect time to throw a romantic celebration. Dressmakers create all sorts of beautiful garments for autumn, each exhibiting fantastic detail. Choose a wedding band that wonderfully complements your dream gown.

floral bridal gown and prong set ring

Floral Bridal Gowns - Prong Settings

Floral gowns are iconic in fall fashions. They often showcase lacey leaves sewn into the dress, evoking the image of autumnal grace. These dresses are a little extra spectacular and extravagant compared to their peers, so as to make the floral details more prominent. This is reminiscent of prong wedding bands. In these pieces, the diamond settings allow for larger, more brilliant gemstones.

For a particularly floral piece, this A.JAFFE Classics band is perfect. It is a nesting ring, so it has a curve in the center that is meant to wrap around the engagement ring’s center stone. The prongs add a nature-inspired aesthetic to magnificent rectangular and round cut diamonds.

long sleeved gown and channel set ring

Long Sleeved Gowns - Channel Settings

Gowns with long sleeves are excellent for fall, especially when it gets close to winter. While wedding dress sleeves aren’t going to be exceptionally warm, it’s still helpful and matches the overall autumn aesthetic. Long-sleeved dresses create a complete bridal look. Thus, a wedding band needn’t be too spectacular. It should carry the radiance of the bride.

A channel setting is ideal. These pieces have a pave of bright diamonds set in a crease in the band’s precious metal. They are sleek and glamorous, evoking an exquisite and modern look. This TACORI Dantela band is a sublime example. It features intricate, mesmerizing metalwork on the side profile plus a modern channel setting.

eternity ring with sparkle gown

Sparkle Gowns - Eternity Rings

The sparkle gown is a fresh, glittery take on the classic wedding dress. Seamstresses imbue metallic beads, sequins, and other shiny objects into the lace. Their complex but striking aesthetic makes an impression on every guest. For a breathtaking wedding dress, there’s no better choice than a sparkle gown. Likewise, eternity rings bring a similar level of light and luxurious beauty.

With eternity bands, the band is inlaid with an unbroken circle of gems. They are said to represent undying, impenetrable love and commitment. Designers create a myriad of fashion-forward eternity rings adept at expressing romance. For the boldest commanding eternity band, consider this eternity band has several layers of radiant, brilliant diamonds. Set in high-quality gold, it makes a statement like no other.

colorful gown and gemstone ring

Colorful Gowns - Gemstone Bands

It’s becoming more common to wear non-white dresses. Some like to mix it up by adding colorful dress trains to an otherwise orthodox dress. These eccentric details are especially common in the fall, to complement the trees’ changing colors. When picking such a colorful dress, why not add a colorful ring?

Some designers like to add gemstone accents to their bands. This sapphire channel ring has elegant, sophisticated sapphires that pair well with 18k white gold, milgrain metalwork, and fantastical diamond pave.

wedding and fashion earrings

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