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Fall In Love With Romantic Jewelry Styles

March 20th, 2022

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Jewelry makes a great gift. These luxurious accessories are a perfect way to tell someone you love them. Not all pieces are the same, however. While most jewelry makes for an excellent present, some have symbolism and sentimentality that can make them even better. Here are some ways you can say “I love you” more effectively through gift giving.

motifs in necklaces

Motifs: Images Most Lovely

Motifs are often stylized forms of easily recognizable images. These have their own implications depending on the motif and your personal connection to them. For example, a sun-and-moon can appear smart and eccentric. This also goes for love-associated motifs like the classic and ubiquitous heart, but some more stylish and less forthcoming motifs exist as well. The infinity symbol can represent boundless, eternal romance. Its slender, elegant form is also quite fashionable.

A circle is an unbroken and uninterrupted shape, symbolizing an eternity of commitment. They represent forming a strong bond with one another, making it perfect for romantic jewelry.

tacori fashion ring

Three Stones: The Past is Prologue

These rings have three gemstones with two of them flanking the larger center stone. What makes them romantic is that they are known to represent the past, present, and future. This means that they embody the timeline of your relationship and how it has always been and always will be.

While traditionally three stone rings are used to propose marriage to someone, there are also three stone fashion rings available.eternity rings at lenox jewelers

Eternity Rings: Love and Diamonds Forever

Akin to three stone settings, eternity rings represent love and how it never truly ends. Eternity bands have a line of dazzling jewels, usually diamonds, all along the band. This is an ultra-luxurious way to show your feelings through an almost peerless level of sparkle.

Eternity rings are usually wedding bands as their silhouettes resemble traditional bands. For those in pursuit of a new wedding band, but want something more spectacular than an adorned strip of precious metal, they are an exceptional choice. They also make for great anniversary bands – rings given to celebrate milestone anniversaries – to add a splash of brilliance to any wedding set.

journey necklaces

Journey Necklaces: Don’t Stop Believing

Journey necklaces are a fairly recent innovation in jewelry. These pieces usually show off a series of stones in a downward-linear pattern with each piece being larger than the next. Often, they are a sequence of circle pendants representing the continuation of a journey with each stone symbolizing the next step. It’s a great way to illustrate how love grows. A journey necklace is also a suitable gift for college graduates or people who have received a promotion.

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Find Your Romantic Jewelry Gifts at Lenox Jewelers

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