Environmental Effects On Engagement Rings

July 5th, 2022

environment and engagement rings

Wearing an engagement ring brings pride as you show off the symbol of the love you share with your significant other. You want to make sure that your engagement ring stays looking as brilliant as the day they proposed. You may not consider that environmental effects potentially harm your ring. Our experts at Lenox Jewelers explore some situations that can affect your diamond engagement ring, so that you may prevent any damage from ever occurring.

engagement rings and snow

Hot and Cold

Extreme temperatures in either direction can affect your engagement ring. Prolonged direct sunlight can discolor or warp the band if the metal gets hot enough. Too much sunlight can also cause the diamond to lose some of its luster. If your hands are too hot, then your fingers may swell and make your ring too tight.

On the reverse side, wearing an engagement ring with colder than normal hands could run the risk of the ring falling off as your fingers shrink a bit in the cold. If you are wearing gloves with your ring, just be careful that the ring does not fly out or get stuck. Also, if some metals get too cold, they are more likely to break or crack, which will need repairs.

active lifestyle and engagement rings

Active Lifestyles

Depending on the activities that are part of your daily routine, or special occasions, your ring may be around more things that will harm it than you know. Sweat can build up on the ring and affect the band's metal, along with any delicate details that may also be included in the design.

Dirt, make-up, and foods can get into small divots or stone settings that need to be cleaned out. Never wear your diamond engagement ring in a pool or the ocean. Besides creating a situation where the ring can quickly come off and get lost, chlorine and saltwater can cause the precious metal and diamonds to discolor and become dull.

lab grown and natural diamonds

Mined or Lab-Grown

Environmental effects begin as soon as a piece of diamond jewelry has been decided upon to be made. Many designers are dedicated to ethical sourcing for their mined diamonds so that the negative effects of mining are lessened.

Diamond mining has continued to reduce as more jewelry makers repurpose mined stones for sustainability. Lab-grown diamonds are created in controlled environments with a dedication to the most environmentally friendly way to have a beautiful diamond without any adverse effects.

how to protect your engagement ring

How to Protect Your Engagement Ring

Although you can try your hardest to ensure you adhere to all the tips to maintain your engagement ring, life still happens. In situations where you know that your engagement ring could get damaged, it is best to leave the ring at home where it is safe.

Most people want to wear their engagement ring at all times, and those people should do routine jewelry maintenance to make sure the ring stays gorgeous. A professional jeweler can clean, polish, and repair your engagement ring to retain its brilliance.

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