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Engagement Rings: Why You Should Try Before You Buy

December 20th, 2022

Fancy engagement ring with intricate metalwork

Although it is perhaps more traditional to surprise your fiance-to-be with a ring you have chosen without their knowledge, some couples select the engagement ring with their partner present. After all, it may be slightly uncomfortable for your partner when you present them with a ring that doesn’t fit their finger or aesthetic preferences. We have compiled a list of reasons why you might want to go with your partner to try on engagement rings before buying.

Get the Fit Just Right

While it is undoubtedly possible to stealthily ascertain your partner’s general ring size without their knowing, purely knowing their size can’t ensure that the ring you choose will be comfortable to them. Different types of bands by various designers may offer a different fit.

When you try rings on in person, however, you may even discover that a ring a half size larger or smaller than one’s typical size feels more wearable. After all, this is a ring your loved one will likely be wearing for a lifetime and should be the most comfortable jewelry they own.

Woman with a tasteful solitaire encouraging someone with a pat on the back

Choose Colors That Complement Your Skin Tone

Even if your future fiance has found the ideal ring online and gives you photos to ensure they get the engagement ring they’ve been dreaming of, trying on the ring before purchasing it could change their mind. One may find that the hue of the metal and any colorful gemstones present in the ring may not complement their skin tone in the way they desire.

Typically, warmer skin tones are beautifully matched by yellow or rose gold rings and warm-toned gemstones like rubies, citrine, and pink or yellow diamonds. White gold, on the other hand, works well with cool skin tones and gemstones like emerald, sapphire, and amethyst. Trying on engagement rings beforehand will allow your mate to find the perfect match that suits them.

Try Out Different Stone Shapes and Sizes

The size and cut of an engagement ring’s center stone play an incredibly important role in determining the overall aesthetic of the piece. Your future spouse may find that the cut they originally wanted doesn’t exactly suit their aesthetic preferences. Or maybe they weren’t sure what cut to ask for at all, and trying on rings featuring a multitude of shapes will help them determine which most communicates their unique personality.

Your partner can also try on many rings featuring stones of different sizes. They may find that a smaller stone provides plenty of sparkle and the silhouette they desire, saving you a bit of money.

Woman with long fingernails and a dazzling princess cut ring embracing a man from behind

Try It On With Your Wedding Band

Perhaps you have already chosen your wedding bands or want to purchase them at the same time you purchase an engagement ring. Bring your partner to your favorite local jeweler to try on both engagement rings and wedding bands, discerning whether the pieces are comfortable to wear together and if they work well aesthetically. This would be a great memory and pre-wedding activity to spend the day doing with your love. Each of you then will have a say in the bridal ring experience.

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Shop Designer Engagement Rings at Lenox Jewelers

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