Diamond Studs: A Modern Take On A Beloved Classic

February 5th, 2022

diamond stud earrings

Nothing quite achieves the understated sparkle and elegance that a pair of diamond stud earrings can. This timeless style makes for a jaw-dropping gift or the perfect finishing touch for a sophisticated outfit. We’ve put together a guide to taking diamond studs to the next level, giving them a trendy update.

fana halo diamond studs

Halo of Style

Bump up the glamor with a stunning halo of accent stones. A pair of diamond studs will certainly glitter on their own, but when bolstered by a number of brilliantly cut diamonds or gemstones, their sparkle will truly be unmatched.

This Victorian-era trend has seen a modern-day resurgence as vintage styles of jewelry steadily gain popularity. The center stone in your halo studs will appear larger and more reflective in encircled by accent diamonds. For an even more unique take, choose a vivid gemstone surrounded in round cut diamonds like on these bold Fana halo earrings.

pave diamond studs

Pavé the Way to Luxury

This unique style is known for creating an extraordinary display of light by arranging small diamonds tightly together. Pavé earrings are visually interesting in that there is no larger stone creating a focal point. Each delicate stone elevates those around it.

These earrings are great for creating a subdued shimmer that lends them effortlessly to any look.

Nature-Inspired Studs

Choose a versatile and unique pair of nature-inspired diamond studs to bring a breath of whimsy into your jewelry collection. These earrings feature organic lines and motifs emulating the beauty of the world around us.

This style of the diamond stud is perfect for those looking to inject a bit more personality into their look. 

angular diamond studs

Angular, Modern Studs

Overlapping shapes and angular silhouettes are popular in the cutting-edge, designer jewelry collections of the day. Step outside the traditional styles to imbue your jewelry collection with individuality and boldness.

A pair of diamond earrings like these are dynamic and attention-grabbing, giving your look a truly individualized feel.

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