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Designer Spotlight: Pomellato

February 5th, 2023

A blue topaz fashion ring on a woman’s hand

Lenox Jewelers has long held a reputation for excellence in service and products, offering our valued community a selection of high-quality jewelry that reflects our commitment to craftsmanship and passion for artistry. For this reason, we are more than pleased to house several immaculate collections from the Milanese brand Pomellato. This celebrated designer is renowned not only in Italy but worldwide. We’ve put together a guide to some of our favorite collections from this brand to assist you in finding the perfect pieces to add to your 2023 wardrobe.

All About Pomellato

Founded in 1967 by Pino Rabolini, Pomellato designs have been accurately described as jubilant and distinctive and have grown more over the years. An avant-garde approach to women’s fashion jewelry results in unique gemstone cuts in spectacular hues for accessories that are at once modern and wonderfully unconventional. Pomellato is considered one of the brands to usher in the era of the “New Precious,” which refers to the usage of gemstones rarely used in high-end jewelry. They also use alternatives to classic stones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

From the left: Rose gold and blue gemstone fashion ring; rose gold and blue topaz huggies earring


Pomellato’s Nudo collection is filled with chunky, brightly colorful pieces that are certain to be stand-out pieces in your personal wardrobe. Nudo jewelry showcases this brand’s iconic, irregular, 57-faceted stone cut that presents the gems boldly and distinctively. Gemstones in lively colors sit in solitaire settings, and each piece is stackable, allowing you to mix and match contrasting or complementary gemstone shades.

From the left: Bold but minimalist rose gold fashion ring; a pair of rose gold huggies with shapely silhouettes


The Iconica collection embodies all of Pomellato’s boldness and individuality with chunky silhouettes and whimsical details. Wide banded rings with softly rounded edges are versatile and eye-catching and made even more visually attractive by gems set deep into them, so that the tops of the gems line up with the surface of the ring. Shapes like stars, squares, triangles, and more are fun and lively, but the jewelry still retains its sophistication.

A pair of earrings exhibiting a line of channel set diamonds and a rose gold hoop

Pomellato Together

Jewelry in the Together collection is minimalistic yet surprisingly unique, characterized by simple rings, sometimes lines with precisely cut stones. Rings and earrings in this collection feature either a single band or two complementary bands, hence the name “Together.” These pieces would easily suit a great variety of aesthetic preferences, making phenomenal everyday accessories.

From the left: Pendant with an array of brown and brown-tinted diamonds with rose gold setting; brown diamond earrings with rose gold setting


The stunning Sabbia collection is largely inspired by and reminiscent of natural beauty. Resembling sunshine hitting individual grains of sand, pieces from this collection feature circles of metal inlaid with closely set, round cut diamonds that sparkle immensely. Mixed metals and stones of varying sizes give each piece an organic feel.

A woman wearing multiple gold pendant necklaces, sunglasses, a jacket, shirt, and bikini

Shop Jewelry from Pomellato at Lenox Jewelers

We at Lenox Jewelers would be all too pleased to assist you in finding accessories that will allow you to express your most authentic self every day. Our Fairfield jewelry store is stocked with top-tier collections from brands such as the renowned Pomellato.

Ensure your shopping experience with us goes smoothly, and you make the most informed decision possible by enlisting the help of our expert staff. Request an appointment today for a personalized consultation.