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Celebrate Spring With Blooming Florals

March 5th, 2023

Stylish woman with fashion ring stack holding colorful flowers

Spring is a joyful time of growth and rebirth, when leaves return to the trees, the grass is once again lush and vibrant, and beautiful flowers are in bloom. Celebrate the unique characteristics of this exciting season with exquisite floral jewelry that brings plenty of excitement, personality, and color to your ensembles. Our team of experts here at Lenox Jewelers has put together a guide to some of our favorite floral jewelry we have in store.

Simon G. pendant with white and yellow gold floral design

Pendant Necklace

Bring a bit of whimsy and organic lines to your neckline with an eye-catching floral pendant necklace. A necklace provides a focal point to any ensemble, and what better way to embrace the season than with a delicately crafted vine and flower necklace?

This incredible necklace from Simon G. is one of our favorite floral pieces in our showroom. It features dynamic mixed metals and an unexpected geometric silhouette filled with flower, vine, and leaf motifs dotted with pristinely cut diamond accents.

Ruby and diamond studs exhibiting a vibrant flower pattern by Fana

Stud Earrings

One of the most versatile styles of jewelry you can own is a pair of stud earrings. They lie flush with the ear, framing the face with a subtle sparkle and emphasizing one’s most essential features. They won’t get caught in your hair or clothing as you embark on springtime adventures.

For bold color, consider a pair of studs like these diamond and ruby earrings from Fana. Fana is a designer known for an extravagant and bold use of color, and these rubies, arranged in a flower shape, are rich in their deep red hue. A yellow gold setting further emphasizes the warmth of these gems.

Simon G. bracelet with ruby petals and diamond stations

Gemstone Bracelet

New real estate opens up on our wrists and forearms as we shed our heavy sleeves. Make use of this space with pieces like glittering gemstone bracelets. Such an accessory will shimmer with the wearer’s every move, garnering plenty of attention and admiration.

The subtle, stylized floral pattern in this exceptional Simon G. bracelet is fun and sophisticated. Four-petaled flowers set with intensely red rubies glisten alongside contrasting diamonds. Its delicate form is feminine and romantic, perfect for a spring date night.

Fashion ring with intricate flower patterns outlined by diamonds and beading, made by Fana

Fashion Ring

Accentuate most any look, day or night, formal or casual, with a stylish fashion ring that is supremely easy to wear and pair. Create a true garden on your hand by stacking floral rings of different styles, weights, and colors.

Start off your eclectic stack with an accessory such as this thick, daring Fana ring. Rose gold brings warm and soft color, while stylized flower motifs give the piece a girlish charm. You can also opt to let this piece stand independently, as it can undoubtedly capture attention by itself.

Stylish lady dressed in spring-appropriate attire wearing three necklaces

Shop Floral Jewelry at Lenox Jewelers

Whether you’re seeking to supplement your spring wardrobe or find a thrilling accessory to give as a gift for a loved one, we’re confident you’ll be pleased with our offering here at Lenox Jewelers. Our Fairfield jewelry store houses an unparalleled inventory of designer pieces forged of only the finest materials.

We would be pleased to guide you expertly through our inventory to find the perfect option for you. Book an appointment with one of our team members today, or browse our selection online.