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Lenox’s Birthstone Gift Guide

February 5th, 2024

close up image of a woman’s hand holding a rose gold line bracelet featuring halo set sapphires

At Lenox Jewelers, we understand the deep sentimental value birthstones hold. These gems, each representing a different month, are more than just beautiful pieces of jewelry; they are a symbol of thoughtfulness and personal connection. When you choose a birthstone as a gift, it reflects not just your taste but also your dedication to finding something uniquely meaningful for the recipient. It's a celebration of their individuality and the special moments you share. Birthstones resonate with personal stories, making them exceptionally heartfelt gifts. We take pride in our incredible inventory of gemstone jewelry, ensuring you find that ideal, thoughtfully curated piece at Lenox Jewelers.

a pair of white gold stud earrings featuring round cut red garnets

January - Garnet

An exquisite gift for those born in January are these Gabriel & Co. Bujukan garnet earrings. These sleek earrings feature radiant garnet stones, January's birthstone, symbolizing protection and prosperity. The unique design combines traditional beauty with a modern twist, making them a stylish and meaningful present. Garnet's deep red hue evokes warmth and passion, offering a personal touch to your gift. They embody Lenox Jewelers' commitment to quality and refinement, ensuring a memorable and cherished present.

a yellow gold ring featuring a squared amethyst stone

February - Amethyst

For those celebrating a February birthday, the amethyst ring by Pomellato is a thoughtful and poetic choice. Amethyst, February's birthstone, carries a rich history and symbolism, often associated with clarity of mind and tranquility. Its vibrant purple hue represents nobility and is believed to bring peace to the wearer. This stunning piece from Lenox Jewelers elegantly captures these qualities, making it not just a gift of jewelry, but a meaningful token of affection and well wishes. 

a white gold pendant necklace featuring a pear shape aquamarine center stone

March - Aquamarine

Gift a piece like this aquamarine pendant by Simon G. to someone born in March, and you offer more than just a stunning piece of jewelry. Aquamarine, March's birthstone, signifies serenity and clarity, echoing the tranquil blues of the sea. Its calming hues and historical association with hope and youth make it a deeply meaningful gift. This Simon G pendant embodies these qualities, making it an ideal present that blends universal elegance with personal significance. For those born in March, it is both a gorgeous accessory and a symbol of their unique traits and the thoughtful consideration of the giver.

a rose gold cuff bracelet featuring diamonds arranged into a star

April - Diamond

Diamonds, the birthstone for April, embody enduring strength and quintessential beauty. Their historical significance as a symbol of everlasting love makes this bracelet not just a gift, but a profound expression of affection and admiration. With its tasteful design and radiant diamonds, this bracelet by Fana is a perfect way to celebrate the unique qualities of someone born in April. 

a yellow gold fashion ring featuring a halo set, oval cut emerald

May - Emerald

With their lush green hue, emeralds have long been cherished for symbolizing renewal and growth, making them an ideal gift for May birthdays. This incredible Fana emerald and diamond fashion ring grasps the spirit of May's birthstone beautifully. Historically, emeralds were believed to grant the owner foresight, good fortune, and youth. The combination of vibrant emeralds with sparkling diamonds in this piece creates a stunning symbol of vitality and elegance. It's a gift that resonates with the rich history and symbolism of the gemstone, celebrating the unique qualities of someone born in May. 

a pair of pearl drop earrings featuring diamond accents

June - Pearl

The birthstone for June, pearls are celebrated for their natural classiness and universal beauty. Historically, pearls have been revered as symbols of purity and wisdom, valued for their calming effects. They are unique among gemstones, being the only ones formed within a living creature. These Mikimoto pearl earrings, with their definitive allure, make an exquisite gift for someone born in June, exemplifying both the tranquility and richness of the pearl's symbolism. These earrings blend sophistication with the personal touch of a birthstone, making them a particularly thoughtful birthday present. 

a white gold pendant necklace featuring diamonds and a ruby

July - Ruby

Symbolizing love, passion, and courage, rubies, the birthstone of July, are famed for their vibrant red color. Throughout history, they have been prized for their supposed powers of protection and prosperity. This Gabriel & Co. Lusso Color necklace, with its stunning ruby centerpiece, is an ideal gift for someone born in July who embodies these dynamic and spirited qualities. This piece would appeal to individuals who appreciate both the rich history and the bold statement of rubies. It's a gift that reflects the fiery, passionate nature of those born in this month. 

a yellow gold cuff bracelet featuring peridot and diamonds

August - Peridot

Possessing a vibrant, olive-green color, peridot is celebrated as the birthstone for August and has been cherished throughout history for its association with nature, healing, and renewal. This fashion-forward peridot bracelet from Gabriel & Co., with its eye-catching green hue, makes a wonderful gift for someone born in August. This gem is believed to bring peace, good health, and rest - attributes that resonate with the vibrant and life-embracing qualities of those born in this month. This bracelet beautifully exemplifies the identity of August's birthstone, offering a gift that's both stunning and meaningful. 

a white gold fashion ring by Simon G. featuring sapphires and diamonds

September - Sapphire

September’s alluring birthstone, sapphires are renowned for their deep blue hue, evoking wisdom, virtue, and good fortune. Throughout history, sapphires have been treasured for their beauty and strength, often worn by royalty. This striking Simon G. Paradise fashion ring is an excellent choice for a September birthday. Its rich blue sapphire set in an elegant design embodies the qualities of integrity and wisdom associated with those born in this month. This piece is not just a piece of jewelry but a symbol of the wearer's noble qualities. 

a pair of white gold drop earrings featuring tourmaline and diamonds

October - Tourmaline

Tourmaline, celebrated as the October birthstone, is known for its wide spectrum of colors and significance of healing and artistry. These Simon G. Tempera earrings, featuring tourmaline, make a thoughtful gift for someone born in October. These earrings, with their enchanting colors, reflect the diversity and creativity often associated with October-born individuals. The tourmaline’s array of colors and unique properties make it a fascinating and personalized gift choice, capturing the essence of the wearer’s personality. 

a yellow gold necklace featuring a halo set, round cut citrine

November - Citrine

Esteemed for its warm, golden hues, November’s birthstone, citrine, often symbolizes happiness, health, and vitality. These qualities make it a fitting gift for those born in November, reflecting their bright and positive nature. This Gabriel & Co. Lusso Color necklace, featuring a stunning citrine in a warm yellow gold setting, is an excellent gift for someone born in November. This necklace beautifully achieves the spirit of the month with its vibrant color and inviting qualities. Its refinement and historical richness make it a meaningful and stylish present for those celebrating their birthday in November.

a white gold bangle bracelet featuring two turquoise gems

December - Turquoise

Esteemed throughout history for its unique blue-green color, December’s birthstone, turquoise, is often associated with good fortune and success. This exceptionally crafted Gabriel & Co. Souviens bracelet with turquoise would make a cherished gift for someone born in December. It encapsulates the serene and protective qualities of turquoise, reflecting the tranquil and wise nature of those born in this festive month. The bracelet's design blends modern elegance with the historical significance of turquoise, making it a thoughtful and trendy birthday present. 

close up image of a woman wearing a pearl necklace and a pearl drop earring

Buy Birthstone Jewelry at Lenox Jewelers

At Lenox Jewelers, we pride ourselves on offering an exquisite selection of birthstone jewelry, perfect for celebrating every special moment. Our Fairfield jewelry store showcases both timeless elegance and modern design, ensuring a piece for every style and occasion. We invite you to visit our pristine store for a personalized consultation. Our experienced team members are eager to assist you in selecting a piece from our incredible fine jewelry selection that not only delights but also holds deep personal significance. Book an appointment with us for a bespoke jewelry experience tailored to your preferences.