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Best Brands to Watch in 2023

November 20th, 2022

Best Brands to Watch in 2023

This upcoming year, only one thing is certain: it will be fashionable. Today’s top brands are creating a fantastic variety of fashion and bridal jewelry as well as plenty of timepieces. Dazzling and modern, they are not only trendy now, but classic later. At Lenox Jewelers, we offer many of these incredible brands to ensure that every visitor receives something extraordinary.

TACORI Gemma Bloom Necklace

California Skies

TACORI is a fantastic, California-based brand with a penchant for nature-inspired imagery. Smooth sterling silver and cool-toned gems give their collections a distinctive style, while intricate and detailed metal work furthers their unique aesthetic. This year, all of their collections are sure to be popular and beloved.

Sharp Color

Seek Fana for a brand that knows how to utilize color. Many of their pieces feature classic precious gems like verdant emeralds, elegant sapphires, and passionate rubies to evoke a glamorous light display. High-quality gold pairs perfectly with their sublime jewelry.

These Fana Color Fashion earrings are truly enchanting, exhibiting tumbling emerald leaves outlined in small, brilliant diamonds. It’s a great accessory for nature enthusiasts, spectacle-chasers, and those who want to make a statement.

A.JAFFE Art Deco Ring

Sleek Romance

A.JAFFE is a bridal jewelry designer with a distinctive, elegant style. All of their engagement rings and wedding bands exhibit sleek, contemporary silhouettes. Some of their pieces sport a vintage flair by using unusual shapes and exquisite milgrain details. A.JAFFE is always a suitable option for someone wanting a truly special ring.

Check out this A.JAFFE Art Deco ring to observe why this brand is sure to be popular next year. This wondrous piece has an unforgettable design with a fantastic floral silhouette emboldened by luxurious diamond and milgrain details.

Oris Diving Aquis Chronograph Watch

State-of-the-Art Watches

Oris is an exceptional watchmaker. Known as innovators and artists in the field, all of their pieces are made with peerless craftsmanship. Their commitment to sustainability and recycling ensures that they’ll be popular and in fashion this upcoming year. Based in Switzerland, you are guaranteed the highest quality with all of their watches.

This Oris Diving Aquis Chronograph watch illustrates the masterful skill of this Swiss brand. The dial is made of recycled and reused materials, exhibiting a breathtaking blue hue. Its chronographs impart a stopwatch function to the piece. A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal furthers the watch’s longevity, as does the highly durable stainless steel case.

Make 2023 Stylish with Jewelry and Timepieces from Lenox Jewelers

Make 2023 Stylish with Jewelry and Timepieces from Lenox Jewelers

For Connecticut’s best, head to Lenox Jewelers. You are guaranteed to discover all of today’s most beloved and desired designer brands at our Fairfield jewelry store. Be it a high-end timepiece or a romantic wedding band, we guarantee you will find an accessory that suits you at our showroom. No matter what it is, you’ll find it here.

Reserve an appointment with our staff to be expertly guided through our vast and boundless selection. Email us at or call us at 203.374.6157 to learn the answers to all of your questions.