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August Birthstone Jewelry Guide

July 20th, 2022

fashion jewelry for august birthstone

The end of summer generally means going back to school for many, but for others, it means that it is now time for their birthday. A fantastic gift for someone you care about is a birthstone piece of jewelry. Those with August birthdays are lucky because they have three birthstones: peridot, spinel, and sardonyx. Peridot, which forms in hardened lava that was carried out of the Earth’s mantle, has a wonderful chartreuse color that looks lovely in precious metals. Spinel has been overlooked for years or mistaken for rubies as they have a pinkish-red color that many designers have recently been utilizing to their full potential. Our team at Lenox Jewelers has put together a guide to some of the beautiful August birthstone jewelry available in our lovely showroom.

subtle fashion necklace

Subtle Necklaces

Show off your birthday love with an accessory that will look beautiful no matter what. Worn by itself or layered with other types of necklaces, the light green gem looks lovely with the warm gold chain. This will make a great present for an August birthday as it goes with most aesthetics and can be paired with other favorites from your collection.

diamond fashion ring pink gemstone

Colorful Fashion Rings

Spinel has a gorgeous pinkish-red color that can add an extraordinary flair to fashion jewelry. An alternative to peridot for an August birthday, this stone looks excellent with silver-toned precious metals and diamonds, like in this spinel and diamond fashion ring by Simon G. The pink glow will be an exquisite addition to your collection and make a superb birthday gift.

mixed metal gemstone bracelet

Mixed Metal Gemstone Cuff

Warm weather during August makes it an excellent opportunity to wear bracelets that you do not typically get to wear during winter. Gemstone cuff bracelets, such as this gold and peridot cuff by Gabriel & Co., show off the vibrant gems on a precious metal that will securely stay on your arm. The peridots are cut into an oval shape and fully show off the brilliance in a mixed metal setting of white and yellow gold contrasting beautifully against the green.

stud earrings

Stud Earrings in August

In the dog days of summer, wearing your hair back will be essential to stay cool, but stud earrings will always look fashion-forward. Let these radiant accessories brighten an August birthday with their relentless style and gorgeous color. Peridot earrings will make the recipient excited that they have a gift personalized to them.

august birthstone jewelry

Buy August Birthstone Jewelry at Lenox Jewelers

Explore our magnificent selection of august birthstone jewelry in our Lenox Jewelers showroom. Whether you seek verdant peridot or a rosy spinel, we have incredible fashion jewelry to satisfy your desires.

Our team looks forward to helping you find the best present for all of the August birthdays in your calendar among our vast selection of designers. Visit our fantastic Fairfield jewelry store for a great atmosphere to find your next piece of luxury.