Fine Jewelry Store in Fairfield, Connecticut

With its magnificent architecture, thriving culture, and breathtaking views, there’s no better place to be a jeweler than Fairfield. This Connecticut town is one of the country’s most charming, beautiful places with a highly discerning population. Our neighbors appreciate and know luxury and quality when they see it. As a result, we only stock our fine jewelry store with the latest and greatest jewelry in the art. Our customer service is excellent, as our customers and community demand nothing less. For the ultimate in fine jewelry, stop by our Lenox Jewelers showroom, to experience what to look for in a fine jewelry store in Fairfield and elsewhere.

What to Look for in a Fine Jewelry Store

A fine jewelry store is not like the rest. They must have a large selection of incredible jewelry made by designer brands from around the world. From three stone diamond engagement rings to Akoya pearl necklaces, they need to exhibit several luxurious varieties of jewelry. Perhaps more importantly, the store needs to have a trained and certified staff. Organizations like the Gemological Institute of America and the Canadian Gemmological Association provide strict, thorough training to ensure jewelers have integrity and expertise. It is an essential part of the job for a jeweler to grade the quality of gemstones and jewelry, which is why these certifications are so important.

Benefits of Shopping at Lenox Jewelers

Lenox Jewelers pride ourselves in providing all of these and more. Our goal of being Fairfield’s premier fine jewelry store is accomplished daily. Our selection contains over a dozen of today’s finest jewelry designer brands, each carefully chosen for its appeal to Fairfield’s fashion-forward people. Find brilliant diamond studs, luxurious watches, and engaging wedding bands in our inviting showroom. Our expert, friendly team is trained and ready to guide you through our inventory. They will help you find the perfect diamond for the ideal setting, an excellent necklace to complement your outfit, or a birthstone bracelet to give to a loved one.

Shop at Lenox Jewelers in Fairfield, Connecticut

Find Fairfield’s finest source for luxury at Lenox Jewelers. We have been keeping Connecticut fashionable for over 80 years. We do so with pride, for the Constitution State is one of the world’s most gorgeous, glamorous, and good-natured places. Our jewelry store on Black Rock Turnpike is a marvelous, stately building holding every piece of jewelry you could ever need. Our staff is not only certified to sell, but they can repair jewelry too. Want to design your own jewelry? Make an appointment with our goldsmiths today. To learn more about what we can offer, email us at or call our team at (203) 374-6157.